Heartbreak and ponytails

I'm Ava, a twenty-one-year-old from California. I'm currently a senior at Occidental College, studying psychology and art. I like running, twentieth century art, and Ghana. I don't even have words to describe my affection for black coffee. I don't like you as much as I like my dog, but we can still be friends.


6 selfie post thing for saltwaterhours (saving my favorite for last) (i love myself)

hi you are an a+ perfect human and mega babe

filling everyone’s dash with everyone’s six selfie posts and i don’t even careeee because everyone is such a babe

You guys don’t even know how close I was to choosing 6 selfies with me holding a coffee cup/mug to my face for my 6 selfies. I was pretty fuckin close to doing the thing.

havingwings replied to your post: “Did you know you can work out without updating every social media…”:
you can also eat fruits and vegetables without doing that. you can also make poor choices like juice cleanses and other assorted bullshit-like things without doing that. I wish the masses knew.

the worst is when it’s all of the above. “post-run lunch!! just had this all-fruit smoothie bowl!!! so filling!!! #801010 #vegan #raw #glutenfree #eatforabs #hclf #bullshit #puremoisture”